We're making Berlin 2030 carbon neutral!


What is Berlin 2030?

It's not a petition, not a newsletter, or yet another hashtag. Berlin 2030 is the biggest climate action you've ever taken. Right now, you have the power to change Berlin's climate law. Without ifs and buts.

Berlin is losing the climate fight

Berlin officially wants to be carbon-neutral by 2045. This deadline is far too late to avoid the impending climate crisis, violates the Paris Agreement and jeopardizes our kids future.

Now, there is hope!

We are coming together for a referendum that changes the law and forces Berlin to be carbon-neutral by 2030 and respect the Paris agreement. In three simple steps:

1. People Power

Join and invite your friends, family, co-workers to do the same! Only with a strong community, will we change Berlin's laws!

2. Collect signatures

Easy, fun, and fulfilling: You can collect signatures from your friends who care about Berlin or the future; and if you want, make new friends on the street with us.

3. Vote

With only 655,000 votes in 2023, Berlin will then be legally bound to become the first carbon-neutral metropolis. ­čĺÜ

Yes, I will

Right now, we need you to win this legally binding referendum and change the law! Are you in on reclaiming our future?

You can keep me informed via email, text message, and message. You promise to not co-opt my data and I agree to our data protection. ­čĺÜ At any time, I can delete my account. Messages are sent by Vertrauensgesellschaft e.V. and Imagine Zero e.V., both not-for-profit.

H├Ąufig gestellte Fragen

What is ÔÇťBerlin 2030ÔÇŁ?

With the popular referendum ÔÇťBerlin 2030 Carbon NeutralÔÇť, we plan to make Berlin carbon neutral by 2030, instead of 2045 as is currently planned. We plan to do this through 18 binding changes to the law. ÔÇťBerlin 2030 Carbon NeutralÔÇť is necessary if Berlin wants to be compatible with the 1.5┬░C target stipulated in the Paris climate agreement.

What kind of legislative changes are planned?

  • Specifically, we are changing the wording of the law from ÔÇťclimate targetsÔÇť to ÔÇťclimate commitmentsÔÇť and changing the deadline for carbon neutrality from 2045 to 2030.
  • Additionally, we plan to reduce social hardships through state provisions to pay for rent increases caused by renovations to existing buildings. You can read about all the suggested changes here: specific legislative changes.
  • You can read up on the changes (in German) here: To the concrete legal changes

How will my sign-up help?

As soon as our referendum petition reaches the next stage (which will be in summer), we can start collecting signatures. As corona makes collecting on the street quite difficult, we are trying to reach as many people as possible right now so we can inform everybody when the signature collection starts. You can help us by:

  • Signing up on the website
  • Telling your friends about it
  • Sharing us on Facebook/WhatsApp and so on!

Why should my name be shown publicly?

It is always nice to know people who have the same goals as you. That's why weÔÇÖre planning to show the names of everyone who supports our goal. We understand that not everbody is cool with this, so we'll ask you beforehand.

Is the climate crisis really that bad?

Yes, and even worse than we thought. The latest IPCC report has made it unambiguously clear that half of humanity is already acutely threatened by the consequences of the climate crisis. Here is a summary from the Tagesspiegel (German)..

Can Berlin realistically become carbon neutral by 2030?

Meeting the suggested commitments is possible, as our colleagues at German Zero demonstrate in this document. Indeed, all of Germany can become carbon neutral by 2035, as demonstrated in this feasibility study by the Wuppertal Institute.

Will our work continue after Berlin 2030?

Absolutely. Berlin is just the start. City by city, we are taking back our future.

You still have questions?

Cool, we're looking forward to answering them! Drop us a message atinfo@klimaneustart.berlin

We're on board

And we're behind it

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