“Berlin 2030 Climate Neutral”

The referendum would have allowed the Berliners to directly change the law with their votes. Our proposal would have obligated the Berlin Senate to reduce climate-damaging emissions in the city in a socially just manner by 95% by 2030.

Reasons for your YES!

For an affordable and independent Berlin

Instead of importing expensive oil and gas, we produce our own energy – climate-friendly and regional.

For a future-oriented Berlin

Through necessary investments we strengthen the regional economy and create sustainable jobs.

For a responsible Berlin

With the referendum, Berlin is setting itself the same goal as over 100 other cities across Europe. We are taking responsibility for ourselves and future generations.

All recent major studies show: An affordable life for all, a sustainable economy and ambitious climate protection are not contradictions. These three goals complement each other perfectly!

But the Berlin Senate is acting far too hesitantly. It has only set a (non-binding) goal for Berlin to have largely switched to renewable energies by 2045. That is too late.

With the referendum, we are setting a binding goal for 2030. Together and in a socially just way. Because climate protection must benefit everyone who lives here.

Unser Abstimmungskreuz Kreuzi

On March 26th, 2023, it will be decided whether Berlin should become climate neutral in 2030 (YES), or whether this remains a non-binding target for 2045 (NO).

Vote YES in the referendum “Berlin 2030 Climate Neutral”!

Can I participate?


  • Vote: The referendum will take place on Sunday, 26 March 2023. The ballot papers will be sent out from 13 February. Everyone eligible to vote in Berlin may vote. The prerequisite is that
    • you are registered in Berlin
    • you are at least 18 years old
    • you hold German citizenship.
  • Get involved: Join our great team of volunteers for a better future. Whether you are eligible to vote in Berlin or not, everyone can make a difference. The referendum is only valid if more than 25% of all eligible voters participate on election day. That’s why we have to be loud and present!
  • Spread the word: Talk to your friends and family about the referendum “Berlin 2030 Climate Neutral”. Share our posts on social media. Because a climate-just future concerns us all.
  • Donate: In order to be able to finance the campaign and draw attention to the important issue of “Berlin 2030 Climate Neutral” we at Klimaneustart Berlin, a non-profit initiative, need financial support. Every contribution helps. Thank you!
What is a referendum?

Referendums allow eligible voters to pass laws directly. We have rewritten the Berlin Climate Protection and Energy Transition Act. For these changes to become legally binding, a majority, represent at least 25 percent of eligible voters, must vote YES.

Next steps

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